Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hi, I'm back after a long, long time. I would like you guys to know that I've shifted base elsewhere. Please update your subscriptions etc. to this blog. I've been blogging here for quite some time now and felt I should let you guys know about it.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Now that is cool, isn't it? Bharat [sadhus and sants included] basking in the most spectacular solar eclipse of the century.

In other serious news, take a look at a few defining tales of some celebs losing their flower to their special someone. Raunchy, ain't it? Rock on, TOI!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Celeb look-alikes -


Watch out specially for Vivek Oberoi and Johnny Depp's similarities. Makes you laugh till you feel your nuts are gonna burst. Courtesy of TOI [The TIMES of India].

You know what, T.O.I should be renamed as W.T.F. It's bizarreness is just uncanny.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Just when you thought you were the dude of the day when you got presented one of the first Nanos by none other than Ratan-bhai, you became the dud of the day....I pity your misfortune..really..[;)]


If you thought Mrs. Sharma next door was the dirtiest person you had seen in life, you ought to think over again after this.

I guess now you'll understand the beauty of the Hindi saying 'kal kare so aaj, aaj kare so ab' [roughly translated - 'If you're gonna do it tomorrow, you better do it today, you better do it now'].

Friday, July 17, 2009


Wow. No wonder people find Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson irresistable.

The Times of India, the so-called 'national newspaper' seems to be really going out of it's way to unravel Potter mysteries. Stupendous job, really. Even JK Rowling will be awed by TOI's creativity.


Just when you thought things couldn't get weirder..

So darn cute!!

Well, to know what prompted Congress workers to morph behenji into this bald baby face, see this.


---- from USA Today, Sept. '00 issue.

Also, an update on Samuel four years later.

In utero surgery? Sometimes, magic really does happen, doesn't it?

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Innocence is no child's play..

Do you laugh at this or cry at this?


Holy shit! To be caught on camera, that is awkward. Thank goodness the miserable moron's face is not visible...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How much do Doctors in different countries make?

Well, this is a very pertinent question, specially if you're an avid viewer of television series 'House', which airs weekly on NBC. I often wonder [while watching 'House'] why India has to be content with the crack-pot of a T.V producer like Ekta Kapoor with her [k]ruel K-serials, and the above article gave me an indirect answer. People, it pays big-time to be a doctor in the U.S! India does not even figure in the list! No wonder Dr. House resides in the the U.S and not here [;)].

Soon, 'House' will begin it's 6th season with the zany Hugh Laurie reprising his role as the wicked, naughty, arrogant, insane and yet irresistable Dr. Gregory House. If you've not seen this medical drama, you sure are missing something in life. It is the best medical drama to date. I once used to hate Biology like anything but after watching this serial, inspite of a few medical inconsistencies, I can't forgive myself for aging up old and giving up Biology when I could have studied it. I'm sure Bio-haters will fall in love with the subject if it is presented in a more awesome way.


This video made me virtually cry in disgust. Man truly is a cruel beast. For one, we see people treating animals cruelly [at least in human terms - don't tell me a man eating hundreds of snakes simultaneously is 'normal'], but also the intentions of the person who shot the video are even worse - he's trying to mock the poor creatures and their misery! Why else would he sum up the second case sarcastically as "Could this be the only dog in Bangladesh who doesn't have fleas?"

I wish animals could express their feelings and revolt in a more powerful way..


The internet is for porn! What a generous WTF video. Pure genius! Do listen to the lyrics..

Wonder what the moral police will have to say about this..[:|]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The tiny lady visible between French President N.Sarkozy's and his wife Carla Bruni's face in this picture is our very own 'first lady' Mrs. Gursharan Kaur [during the French National Day programme]. Her awkward expression makes me curious if she's imagining herself and her sweet Dr. Manu exibiting such blushing and affection publicly eventually some day.

I wonder what that would look like..[;)]. Damn! If only India were France!

Source : TOI


After reading this, I couldn't help but giggle at it's sensible plausability. And that brings me to my life - I can't run away from my life's reality either..[:(]
How I wish I at least had someone's chest to write write upon and make a similar dashing statement!!!


This month, it becomes 40 years since man landed on the moon. On July 20 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man ever to walk the surface of our moon. I know many of us [me also somewhat included] are very skeptical about the truth of this event and doubt whether man even went close to the moon, but for the moment, lets forget whether the event was true or not. For a moment, lets cast aside our rejections and theories and try to think about the effects that this event had on human psychology. Let's remember that this event gave inspiration and shaped the lives of thousands and thousands of people out there like you and me who were scared about the unknown until then.

This event - forget fake or true, gave hope. And as Andy Dufresne famously remarks in The Shawshak Redemption, "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things; and a good thing never dies", instead of arguing whether this hope is based on fakeness or not, lets celebrate for a happy future based on this hope.

Presenting stories of a few people who's lives were changed/shaped because of this extra-ordinary event -

Click here.

Oh, and here are some remarkable pictures of the moon mission.


With a heavy heart I announce this news - today SavitaBhabhi passed away. I'm devastated. I'm heart-broken..I'm gonna be a mess for many, many days to come. But maybe, few years down the line, when I'll be old and weak[er], this realization may dawn upon me -

R.I.P Bhabhi. You were and will always be my first crush.....I guess it's time to venture out in the real world to find the mere khayalon ki Savita before it gets too late..

Monday, July 13, 2009


Remember Good Will Hunting? It's a damn WTF movie indeed! If you've not watched it, you better go piss in your pants. It literally launched the careers of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Well, these two guys [who were literally 'stupid' kids at that time] stunned the world [and themselves, as you shall see!] when they won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay at the 70th Academy Awards.

For GWH fans, here's a behind-the-scenes-of-the-movie view of these two pricks accepting the award on-stage at the Oscars. Don't miss their youthful shock after hearing they had won! It almost feels as if 2 rock-stars are there on-stage. Makes you cry and laugh at the same time..

Click Here.

Damn. Sorry for not being able to embed the video here, but the stupid video owner has disabled embedding permission. Hence the text-link.


If you're Indian, I'm sure you'll remember seeing this advertisement on T.V a couple of years back. So, it's gonna be a refreshing of your mind. For the new-comers, it's gonna be plain revelation. In any case, the cuteness will surely make you giggle and go WTF at the innocence of this brother-sister pair..

I guess after watching this, you'll rue the loss of innocence owing to you growing old..


A little late in reporting, but WTF nevertheless.

Barack Obama and Nicholas Sarkozy ogling during the recently concluded G-8 conference.

Well, this makes me think butts indeed can lie..because if you check out her real self [her name is Mayara Taveras and she's Brazilian btw], she ain't as hot as you would want her to be, isn't it? Oh and in this picture, it seems the Brazilian President is actually congratulating her for her unique feat!

What a weird way to be proud of one's own countrymen [;)].


Woman breastfeeding a cobra..

Really, PETA ought to learn a thing or two from this woman about loving animasl rather than making models pose nude all over..[;)]


MJ's 'Thriller' vs Indian 'Killer'

Presenting the true gem of Indian cinema - the Indian 'Killer' [btw, this word actually appears in the song!].

The original 'Thriller' -

...and they crib so irrationally about how Indian entertainment is paltry compared to Hollywood!

It is estimated that 'Thriller' sold over 50-100 million copies after it was released [an all-time record]. Man, had the Indian 'Killer' released first, I'm guessing it would have sold a billion copies for sure! No wonder it is one of the highest watched videos on Youtube of all time.