Wednesday, July 15, 2009


How much do Doctors in different countries make?

Well, this is a very pertinent question, specially if you're an avid viewer of television series 'House', which airs weekly on NBC. I often wonder [while watching 'House'] why India has to be content with the crack-pot of a T.V producer like Ekta Kapoor with her [k]ruel K-serials, and the above article gave me an indirect answer. People, it pays big-time to be a doctor in the U.S! India does not even figure in the list! No wonder Dr. House resides in the the U.S and not here [;)].

Soon, 'House' will begin it's 6th season with the zany Hugh Laurie reprising his role as the wicked, naughty, arrogant, insane and yet irresistable Dr. Gregory House. If you've not seen this medical drama, you sure are missing something in life. It is the best medical drama to date. I once used to hate Biology like anything but after watching this serial, inspite of a few medical inconsistencies, I can't forgive myself for aging up old and giving up Biology when I could have studied it. I'm sure Bio-haters will fall in love with the subject if it is presented in a more awesome way.

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